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High Council

Each of the three regions elects officers to lead their regional All Stars. Along with the state officers, the regional Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Scribes, and Advisors make up the state 4-H All Star High Council. The Council members and other regional officers meet annually to discuss All Stars, set the state service theme, elect state officers, strengthen their leadership skills, and much more.

Pictured are the 2010-2011 State 4-H All Star High Council Officers.
They are Scribe Carrie King (left), Chief Hannah Lee (center) and Deputy Chief Jonathan Walker(right).

High Council 2010

On January 28-29, 2011, the Tennessee 4-H All Star Council Officers, agents and volunteers gathered in Lebanon, TN for the annual 4-H All Star High Council Meeting. Meeting highlights included a service learning brainstorming session, teambuilding activities, and that ever so exciting business meeting.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Council returned to Quality Care Nursing Home for their service learning project that featured BINGO and a time to visit with the residents. Some 4-H members had the opportunity to visit with the residents they had been corresponding to over the past year.



Listed below are the current 4-H All Star officers for each region.

2010-2011 State Officers
  Hannah Lee Chief
  Jonathan Walker Deputy Chief
  Carrie King Scribe
  Justin Crowe State Advisor


Western Region
  Billy Rochelle Chief
  Enoch Weaver Deputy Chief
  Kristal Henderson Scribe
  Chelsea Harris Scout
  Carrie King Messenger
  Sarah Beck Northeast Area Rep
  Will Futrell Northwest Area Rep
  Michelle Carson Southwest Area Rep
  Elaina Henson Southeast Area Rep
  Neal Smith Regional Advisor

Central Region

  Dawn Allen Chief
  Katy Sanders Deputy Chief
  Laura Kate Gonyea Scribe
  Brennan Lytle Scout
  Jordan Delight NE Area Rep
  Brendan Harvey SE Area Rep
  Lauren Crothers Middle Area Rep
  Kaylee Penick NW Area Rep
  Jessica Reynolds SW Area Rep
Martin Koon Regional Advisor

Eastern Region(click to visit ER website)
  Joseph Minga Chief
  James Swart Deputy Chief
  Taylre Beaty Scribe
  Joseph Gaskill Eagle Scout
  Jared Bruhin Elder Scout
  Lyndsey Jones At-Large Scout
  Alex Crockett At-Large Scout
  John Edwards GNW Scout
  Jenny Patel Big 9 Scout
  Chance Firestone SEC Scout
  Mitch Beaty Regional Advisor

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