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VOLUME 09 - Issue 30
July 24, 2009


2009-10 State 4-H Council Members Selected at Roundup
4-H College Scholarship Recipients Announced
Hale Master 4-H Families Recognized
Sheep Expo Results Posted Online
State Winner Named in 4-H Volunteer Leader Recognition Program
Tennessee 4-H Roundup Awards Program Results
Vol State Ceremony at Roundup


July 24-25
Young Farmer Conference - Columbia

July 28-August 2
Southern Regional 4-H Horse Championships - Little Rock, AR

August 12
Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum Registration Due - State 4-H Office

August 24-29
Appalachian Fair - Gray

August 27
State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest - Lebanon

September 11- 20
Tennessee Valley Fair - Knoxville

September 11- 20
Tennessee State Fair - Nashville

September 19
State Junior Market Goat Show - Nashville

September 19
State Make It with Wool Contest - Fayetteville

September 25-26
YF&R Fall Education Tour - Chattanooga area

September 25-October 4
Mid-South Fair - Southaven, MS

Tennessee 4-H Home Page: 4h.tennessee.edu
Online version of Ideas: 4h.tennessee.edu/ideas09
Ideas index: 4h.tennessee.edu/ideas09/09-index.htm


Elections are always an exciting part of State 4-H Roundup. The 2009-10 State 4-H Council members were elected in Martin this week. New council members will represent their peers in an advisory role as members of the State 4-H Council for the coming year. Thanks to all agents who have encouraged these 4-H’ers and helped them develop the leadership skills to serve in this role. New council members include:

State Council President - Jared Allen, Anderson County
State Council Vice President - Andrew Hunt, Hickman County
Western Region Senior Representative - Amber Futrell, Crockett County
Central Region Senior Representative - Evan Betterton, Putnam County
Central Region Senior Representative - Jaclyn Torrento, Robertson County
Eastern Region Senior Representative - Cody West, Claiborne County
Eastern Region Senior Representative - Ashley Jones, Claiborne County
Western Region Junior Representative - Enoch Weaver, Shelby County
Western Region Junior Representative - Krystal Henderson, Lauderdale County
Central Region Junior Representative - Jonathan Belcher, Rutherford County
Central Region Junior Representative - Hannah Lee, Rutherford County
Eastern Region Junior Representative - Nathan Wells, Loudon County
Eastern Region Junior Representative - Jason van der Merwe, Knox County
Representative-at-Large - Niquolas Springer, Crockett County
Representative-at-Large - Cory Napolitano, Williamson County

Justin Crowe
Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development



College scholarships were awarded at State 4-H Roundup, July 23, during the Thursday morning assembly program. Scholarship recipients included:

African American Scholarship ($300)
Marshay Willis, Fayette County
Sencola McDowell, Robertson County

Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Scholarship ($500)
Bret Gammons, Trousdale County

Alan Peace Memorial Scholarship ($1000)
Bret Gammons, Trousdale County

Arthur Wells Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Asa Black, Hardeman County

Barbara O’Neil Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Sarah Norman, Williamson County

Charline Hamilton Powell Scholarship ($1000)
Tyler Bruhin, Sevier County

Earl M. Knepp Scholarship ($600)
Joshua Moore, Warren County

Farm Credit Service of Mid-America 4-H Scholarship
Asa Black, Hardeman County
Hannah Hopkins, Knox County

FarmHouse Agricultural Scholarship ($500)
Morgan Beaty, Blount County

Gilbert N. Rhodes Scholarship ($1000)
Amanda Cain, DeKalb County
Sarah Norman, Williamson County

G.L. Herrington Scholarship ($1000)
Morgan Beaty, Blount County
Lindsey Rochelle, Hickman County
Bret Gammons, Trousdale County

Hamilton-Brown Scholarship ($500)
Jonathan Mills, Coffee County

Harold Robbins Agricultural Scholarship ($400)
Joanna Buxkemper, Loudon County

Kenneth Ambrose Agricultural Scholarship ($1000)
Lindsey Rochelle, Hickman County

Mary Basinger Elliott Memorial Scholarship ($1500)
Rachel Lee, Rutherford County

Mary Neil Alexander Scholarship ($1000)
Sydney Scott, Putnam County

TFGA Mary B. Cooper Scholarship ($500)
Sarah Edwards, Campbell County

Tennessee Rural Health Nursing Scholarship ($1000)
Paige Atkinson, Hickman County
Mara McDonald, Putnam County
Macy Mitchell, Rutherford County

Troy and Susie Johnson Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Madison Mathenia, McNairy County

W.B. & Imogene Kyker Agricultural Scholarship ($300)
Morgan Beaty, Blount County

Lovelace/McKinney Scholarship ($12,000)
Lindsey Rochelle, Hickman County

Steve Sutton
Interim Director
4-H Youth Development



The Woods family (Dale, Denise, Ted, Ellen and Amelia) from Coffee County and the Doan family from Sullivan County (David, Jane, Elizabeth, Lucinda, Alisa, Deborah and David Bruce) were honored with the Hale Master 4-H Family award during Tuesday night awards program at State 4-H Roundup in Martin. The W.M. and Ruth Hale Tennessee Master 4-H Family recognition honors 4-H families who have shown consistent leadership ability and exceptional participation in all phases of 4-H work. The Hales established an endowment in 1983 to provide funds for the Master Family recognition. For more information about this award visit, 4h.tennessee.edu/volunteers/awards/masterfamily.htm.

Carmen Burgos
Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development



The 2009 Sheep Expo results are available online. You can access the information at animalscience.ag.utk.edu/Sheep/4-HSheepProject.html.

Emily Tipton
IT Specialist
Animal Science



The state winner in the adult volunteer leader recognition program for 2009 is Naomi Riggins of Robertson County. The award includes a trip to National 4-H Congress in Atlanta and the Charlene Hamilton Powell memorial plaque sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kant. The runner-up for the award was Kathy Atwood of Trousdale County.

Congratulations to both Greg and the Robertson County UT Extension staff. For more information about this award, visit 4htennessee.edu/volunteers/awards/volrecog.htm.

Carmen Burgos
Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development



Several 4-H’ers were recognized at the Tennessee 4-H Roundup awards banquet, Tuesday night, July 21. Each Level I winner received the 4-H Horizon Award and is eligible for a $500 scholarship if they major in agriculture or family and consumer science at UTM or UTK. Each Level II winner received a silver bowl, the Lee Medallion and a trip to National 4-H Congress.

Amelia Woods, Coffee County - Level I
Hannah Wright, Rhea County - Level II

Clothing and Textiles
Christina Lulich, Sevier County - Level I
Cece Raffo, Marshall County - Level II

Communication/Public Speaking
Samantha Horne, Knox County - Level I
Evan Betterton, Putnam County - Level II

Companion Animal
Samantha Smoak, Williamson County - Level I
Kerra Kilgore, Cheatham County - Level I
Samantha Greene, Sevier County - Level II
Morgan Marsh, Madison County - Level II

Computers and Technology
Rory Ferrell, Bedford County - Level I
Ted Woods, Coffee County - Level II

Consumer Education/Economics
Hamilton Spivey, Warren County - Level I
Joseph Minga, Sullivan County - Level I
Katie Spears, Robertson County - Level II
Megan Myers, Rutherford County - Level II

Travis Richardson, Bedford County - Level I
Kelsey Smith, Henry County - Level II

Benjamin Taylor, Williamson County - Level I
Noah Goggans, Hamilton County - Level II

Engineering/Safety Science
Mac Britton, Warren County - Level I
J.P. Caylor, Sevier County - Level I
Keith Suttle, Robertson County - Level II
Cody West, Claiborne County - Level II

Jonathan Belcher, Rutherford County - Level I
Phillip Adams, Cheatham County - Level II

Environmental Science/Conservation
Matthew Savino, Anderson County - Level I

Food Science
Allen Betschart, Warren County - Level I
Hannah Thauer, Madison County - Level I
Lindsey Clayton, Warren County - Level II

Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries
Katie Bennett, Putnam County - Level I
Morgin Arms, Putnam County - Level I
Deborah Anderson, Coffee County - Level II
Rachel Mashburn, Shelby County - Level II

Brandon Stewart, Henderson County - Level I
Emily Mote, Rutherford County - Level II

Kristal Henderson, Lauderdale County - Level I
Madelyn Bower, Knox County - Level II

Lucas Tipton, Carter County - Level I
Dawn Allen, Putnam County - Level I
Mara McDonald, Putnam County - Level II
Syrena Flowers, Madison County - Level II

Line and Design
Rachel Hopkins, Knox County - Level I
Cheyenne West, Claiborne County - Level I
Kacie Greer, Sumner County - Level II
Virginia Bates, Madison County - Level II

Nutrition, Health and Fitness
Brennan Lytle, Warren County - Level I
Aspin Wakefield, Davidson County - Level I
Amber Moore, McNairy County - Level II
Tera Peet, Crockett County - Level II

Performing Arts/Recreation
Bernadette Murillo, Bedford County - Level I
Kaitlyn Greer, Sumner County - Level II

Personal Development
Enoch Weaver, Shelby County - Level I
Morgan Beaty, Blount County - Level II

Jason van der Merwe, Knox County - Level I
Jamie Arnett, Shelby County - Level II

Plant Science
John Adam Turner, Warren County - Level I
Grant Davis, Bedford County - Level II

Ethan Davenport, Sumner County - Level I
Holly Stewart, Williamson County - Level II

Ashley Perrin, Grainger County - Level I
Ashley Jones, Claiborne County - Level II

Halie White, Anderson County - Level I
Derek Snoderly, Loudon County - Level II

Veterinary Science
Ryan Massey, Bedford County - Level I
Amber Futrell, Crockett County - Level II

Two additional winners were named at the Thursday morning assembly on July 23.

Agricultural Leadership
Hannah Wolters, Maury County - Level II

Family and Consumer Sciences Leadership
Lauren Lytle, Warren County - Level II

Steve Sutton
Interim Director
4-H Youth Development



Thursday night saw 60 Tennessee 4-H’ers inducted as Vol State members during State 4-H Roundup. This impressive candlelight ceremony honors outstanding members with the highest level of recognition a Tennessee 4-H’er may receive, the Vol State Award.

Vol State recipients must be active All Star members and in the 11th or 12th grade and are nominated by their 4-H agents. For a listing of the 2009 Vol State inductees, go to 4h.tennessee.edu/roundup/volstate/members09.htm.

Steve Sutton
Interim Director
4-H Youth Development



The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.
~ Henry Boye








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