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VOLUME 13 - Issue 48
December 6, 2013


2014 Youth in Action Awards
Delegates Select National Congress Design Team Nominees
Don’t Forget to Register for 2014 4-H Inservice Training

It’s Time to Recruit a Volunteer to Attend Tennessee 4-H Congress!
Lawrence County Livestock Team Participates in National Contest
National Congress Delegation Returns from Atlanta
Tennessee 4-H Congress Registration
Tennessee Junior Market Hog Show Update


December 7
      State Junior Sheep Leadership Retreat - Lebanon

December 7-8
      State YF&R Annual Meeting - Franklin

January 21-22
      State Junior Market Hog Show - Murfreesboro

January 24-25
      State 4-H All Star High Council Meeting - Lebanon

January 25
      Livestock Quiz Bowl Contest - Pigeon Forge

January 31-February 1
      State 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Certification - Columbia

February 1
      4-H Beekeeping Essay Due - State 4-H Office

February 1
      Senior Citizenship and Leadership Project Portfolios Due - State 4-H Office

February 1
      Tennessee 4-H Congress Minority Scholarships Due - Tennessee State

February 12
      State 4-H Volunteer Forum Registration Due - State 4-H Office

February 14
      State 4-H Horse Public Speaking/Demonstration Contests - Knoxville

February 15
      State 4-H Horse Bowl/Hippology Contest - Knoxville

February 21-22
   State 4-H Volunteer Forum - Lebanon

February 21-22
   YF&R Young Leaders Conference - Franklin

February 24
   4-H Alumni Recognition Nomination Forms Due - State 4-H Office

February 28-March 2
   State 4-H Council Meeting - Mt. Juliet

Tennessee 4-H Home Page: 4h.tennessee.edu
Online version of Ideas: 4h.tennessee.edu/ideas13
Ideas index: 4h.tennessee.edu/ideas13/13index.htm


National 4-H Council is pleased to announce they now accepting applications for the annual Youth in Action award, to be presented at the 4-H Legacy Awards Gala in Washington, D.C. on April 2, 2014! This award recognizes an outstanding young person from your 4-H program who is realizing 4-H's vision for youth driving positive change in their communities.

The 4-H Youth in Action award is open to 4-H youth and alumni ages 16-21. Applicants should have led a project, service or event that:

* Identified a problem in their community,
* Included 4-H as part of the solution, and
* Made an impact in resolving the issue.

If you know of an outstanding 4-H member that fits this criteria, we are accepting your nominations. Once you have nominated a 4-H youth, please encourage them to apply for this distinguished award.

Application Requirements
In a 3 minute or less video, the nominee should address the following questions/statements: (Note: File size should not exceed 50MB or 3 minutes.)

* What problem did your community face?
* What was the solution to the problem, and how was 4-H involved?
* What impact did the resolution have on your community?
* How has 4-H impacted your life?
* Describe any adversities or challenges that your 4-H experience has helped you overcome.

How to Apply
Please download 2014 Youth In Action Award Guidelines at for complete details. The application deadline is January 10, 2014. Questions should be directed to Eda Ozmen at eozmen@fourhcouncil.edu.

Steve Sutton
4-H Youth Development


The Tennessee delegation had the opportunity to nominate four of its members to apply for the 2014 National 4-H Congress design team. The delegates kept a close eye on one another and on Sunday night voted for three of their number whom they felt had exhibited leadership skills to bring to this national planning group. The four finalists were announced at the Monday night state meeting at the conclusion of Congress. Alex Crockett (Fentress County), Kelly Burgess (Williamson County), Reggie Eskridge (Shelby County) and Brigitte Passman (Henry County) will be putting together their resumes and video tapes for the national selection committee. We are proud of them and wish them the best in their bid to be a part of the planning team for next year's Congress.

Justin Crowe
Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development

The 2014 4-H inservice training offerings are posted on our Web site at 4h.tennessee.edu/inservice/2014/index.htm. Each training has the direct link to the registration page in SUPER. Anyone clicking on the link will be taken directly to the registration page once you have logged in to SUPER. This will eliminate the need for anyone to search for the training. The inservice site can also be accessed from the main page of the Tennessee 4-H Web site by click on the "For Agents" button. Please follow the directions sent out by your regional office when selecting your 2014 inservice.

Steve Sutton
4-H Youth Development


The 2014 Tennessee 4-H Congress is just around the corner. Registration is posted in SUPER and ready for Extension agents to start adding delegates and volunteers. Most of our really dedicated and committed volunteers also have very busy schedules so start recruiting your Congress volunteer today!

Recruiting a volunteer well in advance allows you an opportunity to partner with that volunteer to get your county delegation ready for Congress. Experience indicates the better prepared you are to attend an event, the more you enjoy every aspect of it. The information on the Tennessee 4-H Congress Web site is a great resource to use to prepare your county delegation and volunteers. There are three resources on the Web site specifically designed to help you…

1) an orientation outline to prepare delegates (4h.tennessee/stcong/orientation.htm)
2) a PowerPoint to prepare volunteers attending Congress
3) and new this year, a Congress volunteer position description to be used as a recruiting tool.

You might have only one volunteer attending Congress, but there are several ways other volunteers can work with you and the designated volunteer attending Congress to prepare delegates for the event. Some ways volunteers can be involved with preparing youth are:

* Assisting with the preparation of portfolios
* Practicing interview skills
* Researching and preparing for the Know Your Government legislative session
* Encouraging delegates to run for a Congress office
* Practicing their speeches
* Further preparing for the History Bowl
* Making sure all delegates understand the service project and contribute to the efforts
* Reviewing table etiquette
* Making sure they understand the dress code

Involving the volunteer attending with your Congress delegation in preparing youth ahead of time also offers an opportunity for the volunteer and the delegates to know each other and build a relationship. Also, parents will have an opportunity to meet the adult that will be with their son or daughter during this event.

Highly encourage your county delegation and parents to attend your regional Congress Readiness Day. The regional staff has prepared this day to make the whole experience more enjoyable, clarify questions and prepare the delegates and volunteer for their role at Congress. Dates for regional Congress Readiness Days are as follows.

* Western Region – March 8
* Eastern Region - February 17
* Central Region - March 1

For more information, contact your regional office. Make sure your volunteer and all delegates are aware of the Tennessee 4-H Congress Web site. The information can help them prepare for Congress and make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Carmen Burgos
Extension Specialist
4-H Youth Development


Four outstanding youth represented Tennessee recently in Louisville, Kentucky, in the National 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. This national contest is held in conjunction with the North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE). Team members include John Calvin Bryant, Tori Bryant, Bryant Gobble and Mandy Whitfield and were coached by volunteer leader Candace Hartsfield and UT Extension agents Calvin Bryant and Paul Kelly.

These youth have participated in mentally challenging activities while learning responsibility, organizational skills and the ability to defend a decision. Tori, John Calvin and Bryant grew up exhibiting sheep at various shows including the North American. Mandy travels the country showing Boer goats. Each member brings unique strength and talent to the team. They all have the determination and devotion it takes to be competitive.

With an average age of 16 years old, this relatively young team held its own against many more experienced states. While at NAILE, they were able to enjoy several livestock shows, an extensive trade show and the North American Championship Rodeo. Many years of practice made this trip a possibility for these youth. They are also very grateful to all the sponsors, producers and farm managers that worked with them and made this trip possible. 

The team has traveled all over Tennessee visiting farms, attending judging clinics and encompassing the livestock industry in preparation for the contest. They evaluated more than just the animals, having learned performance data and carcass traits on all species. This was an honor and a privilege for the contestants. Their next chance to compete at livestock judging will be at the collegiate level. Mandy summed it up best by saying, “We have ended a very big chapter in our livestock judging careers, but I’m proud to say our book is not finished.”

Paul Kelly
Extension Agent
Lawrence County


National 4-H Congress logoTennessee was well represented by the 34 outstanding delegates attending the 92nd National 4-H Congress in Atlanta. You are invited to share in the delegates Congress experience through the Web site at 4h.tennessee.edu/natcong/. There you will find a copy of the 2013 4-H Congressional Record: A Special Edition posted to the Web site which captures the highlights of the week. This Web site also features a brief bio and photograph of each delegate, as well as the Tennessee delegation group photo.

Please invite these young people to share their Congress experiences with you and with your 4-H members. Any of them would be excellent speakers for achievement banquets, Honor Club meetings, volunteer leader meetings, club meetings, etc.

Steve Sutton
4-H Youth Development


The registration site for Tennessee 4-H Congress has been posted in SUPER. To register your 4-H members and volunteer leaders go to super.tennessee.edu/Event/Home.aspx?ID=6671.  Remember all delegates should be entered before 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, February 15. The site will be unavailable after this date.

Steve Sutton
4-H Youth Development


Now that entries for the hog show have closed, I wanted share a couple of details regarding the show.

We have 509 hogs entered. The Tennessee State Fair has graciously allowed us to borrow additional pens for stalling. With the increase in the number of hogs, we will have more counties stalled in the tan barn on the dirt floor. We realize stalling on the dirt floor is not ideal for show hogs, but we simply cannot house all the hogs on the concrete floor.We ask everyone to please be flexible and understanding.

Shavings will NOT be provided in the pens. Shavings will be available for purchase at the Tennessee Livestock Center or exhibitors may bring their own shavings. (Straw is not permitted.)

Exhibitors have until January 15 to be PQA certified. For more information on PQA, Extension agents should please contact Dwight Loveday at 865-974-7344 or hloveday@utk.edu.

Arrival schedules will be sent out closer to the show. If agents know of any scratches within their county, please send those to me so I can make adjustments to the stalling assignments.

Claudia Meeks Baney
Extension Specialist
Animal Science


You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.
~ Zig Ziglar








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