4-H Shooting Sports: A Family Affair

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Daniel Sarver, Extension Specialist

4-H Shooting Sports, and all of 4-H for that matter, has been called a “family affair.” But what does that really mean? To some, it means getting all of the family involved: broth- er, sister, mom, dad, uncle, grandma, etc.

While this can be the case, it also means that your involvement in 4-H means that you are a part of another family, the 4-H family. This has been a part of 4-H’s history for over 100 years.  All of us, whether we are 4-H professionals or volunteers, 4-H youth or adults, are a family. As with any family, we should all strive to live in harmony with one another, and trust one another. Get to know your 4-H family. Communication is the key, along with mutual respect. Seek to understand one another. Be quick to listen, slow to speak (or email, text, tweet, etc.), and slow to become angry (I think I heard that before, on a Sunday).

On a similar note, when we are teaching youth in our counties, always do so in a family atmosphere. Be mindful to follow the 4-H Shooting Sports curriculum (this has always been the policy at UT and has not changed). Be caring and loving with all, show respect, and communicate with the County Extension Office. By doing this, you can get to the best part, which is to have fun!