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4-H Health Rocks!

4-H Health Rocks! is a healthy living program that focuses on decision-making and prevention.  Through 4-H Health Rocks!, youth are educated on the consequences of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, including the dangers of prescription drug addiction. Youth develop personal assets, including communicating with others, managing change, and dealing with stress, aimed at resisting risky behaviors.  

These “grab and go” lessons supplement the 4-H Health Rocks! curriculum. Each lesson has been designed to support prevention and education while requiring minimal preparation and materials.  

Health Rocks! Logos​
Use these various logos in conjunction with 4-H Health Rocks! programming in your community.  

06272012289.jpg Take Home Activities​
These take home activities are designed to help young people communicate with their parents and extend the knowledge and skills they are learning in 4-H Health Rocks!    
Use these resources to enhance 4-H Health Rocks! efforts.