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Educational Standards

The 4-H program, the largest youth development program in the world, help students develop the life skills they need to succeed in life. These life skills are developed through a variety of delivery methods, including in-class club meetings. Along with your 4-H agent, you can help your student develop those life skills needed to be competent citizens.

Tennessee 4-H educational activities and programs are correlated to the Tennessee State Educational Standards (Common Core). Your 4-H agents offers opportunities for students to build their life skills through record keeping, public speaking, giving written and oral demonstrations about their 4-H projects (there are 26 from which to choose), participate in judging and decision making events, practice leadership, participate in community service/citizenship projects, etc... All of these activities are tied back to state standards.

Teamwork is encouraged! Your 4-H agent is here to help! He/she is also willing to help you introduce, teach, and/or reinforce standards while in the classroom. Please let he or she know which skill(s) you want to focus on during the year. Together, we can all make a difference in the lives of Tennessee's children!