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State 4-H Photo Search Contest

Junior high and senior 4-H members have the opportunity to portray their 4-H involvement on film through the 4-H Photo Search activity. Each county is eligible to enter up to 10 entries for state judging. Contact your 4-H Extension agents for due dates.


Photo Search Entry Procedure


The county Extension agent in each county will be responsible for selecting and submitting up to ten (10) entries to submit for state judging.

​2. ​Members are to submit their entry by the county due date. Check with your local UT Extension office for the county due date.
3. The ten winning entries will be displayed at State 4-H Roundup. 8 x 10 prints will be made of the winning entries. Photos will be posted on this web page (see below) for approximately one year.
4. The general rules and entry form can be found at This form contains an optional clause that would give UT Extension the right to use pictures in publications, publicity opportunities, etc.

Photo Search General Rules


Any junior high or senior 4-H member may submit entries. The member making the entry must have taken the photo(s). 
2. Each entry will consist of:
  * A photo print (no larger than 5 X 7) with the member's name, county and title of the photo on the back of the photo (preference: a typed label).

One completed entry form per photo must accompany each photo entry.

  * An electronic JPEG file for each photo sent to your county 4-H agent by email. Ask your county agent for an e-mail address you can use to send the photo JPEG file(s).

 -- The electronic file name should consist of the region initials, the county name, the contestants initial followed by a number. Please keep         numbers in sequential order. For example, Kimberly Ann Smith , from Jefferson Co, Eastern Region is submitting three (3) photos for the contest. The photo files should be labeled as follows: ER Jefferson KAS_1.jpeg; ER Jefferson KAS_2.jpeg; and ER Jefferson KAS_3.jpeg.


Photos should relate to 4-H involvement. Entries may be a single photo or a series of no more than four (4) photos. A series may be "before and after" or "how-to-do-it" sequences.


Photos should not be mounted on any paper or matted.

5. Entries will be judged on quality and message. The picture might depict:

  * 4-H project work
  * 4-H exhibits, shows, fairs, etc.
  * 4-H leadership/citizenship
  * Leisure education, camp, etc.

Human interest and other


All entries will become the property of Tennessee 4-H Youth Development and will not be returned to the 4-H member unless otherwise requested.

                            Failure to meet any of the entry procedures or general rules will disqualify the photo search entry.


  2019 State 4-H Photo Search Winners

 (Click on the link to view the photo.) 

bk_star.gif Autumn Leaves Dakota Forelle, Anderson County    
bk_star.gif In Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall Lydia McTheny, Robertson County
bk_star.gif Reaching for the Sky Addison Cothran, Bedford County
bk_star.gif The Ferris Wheel Bethany Cothran, Bedford County
bk_star.gif After the Rain Jessica Osterhaus, Bedford County
bk_star.gif Thanks for Stopping By Toby Tucker, Cannon County
bk_star.gif Salty Shores Sylvia Evans, DeKalb County
bk_star.gif My Mother's Chicken Hens Ivy Adams, Sumner County
bk_star.gif A New Beginning Kenley Roark, Macon County
bk_star.gif Rooster & Hens Will Jennings, Union County

CRBedfordBC1 (2).jpg