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Teachers Get Involved

The success of 4-H is due to partnerships and teamwork between parents, volunteers, teachers and Extension agents. As a teacher, you work directly on a daily basis with students to prepare them for life. But, you have an opportunity to do more!
Our goals are simple:
·         To provide safe and nurturing environments for youth at all time.
·         Provide positive, hands-on learning experiences for young people to help them learn and strengthen important skills that will help them develop into capable, competent and contributing citizens in their communities.
4-H exists because of the partnerships of caring adults. Volunteers and parents are mentors and leaders - they are key elements to sustain our motto - “to make the best better.” Volunteers and parents make the best 4-H experiences possible!
Volunteers provide opportunities. They teach project subject matter for youth to gain knowledge; they teach new skills, and provide opportunities and experiences for youth to master skills learned. With each trained volunteer comes a wealth of knowledge and skills providing a diverse and quality program for youth in the county.
Supporting parents increase the quality and variety of the experiences offered to members. When supportive parents are present there is:
·         a higher completion rate of 4-H projects,
·         increased in-depth exploration of subject matter interest,
·         increased and consistent attendance at club meetings,
·         more involvement in 4-H program opportunities beyond the club/county level,
·         an increased commitment, better attitudes and more goal driven accomplishments by youth.
In 4-H, families network - they work together, learn together, support each other, solve challenges, have fun and celebrate accomplishments together.
4-H is about youth, family and building communities- get involved!
To learn more about the 4-H program in your county and ways you can be involved contact the Extension office in in your county!