Curriculum Corner

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Lynne Middleton, Interim State 4-H Curriculum Specialist

Tennessee 4-H Recognition Handbook

Surviving, much less thriving, in today’s world, seems to become more difficult, especially for teens. There are challenges around every corner that impact each of us on a daily basis – environmental, physical and mental, spiritual, and even social challenges.

People who live in neighborhoods or attend schools together become a support system for one another. Many times, that support system is comprised of different genders, ethnicity, and race. A new publication, “Ways for Youth to Overcome Racism,” is a tool to help 4-H members become more aware of others’ backgrounds and learn to advocate for each other. This publication is designed to help youth understand what racism is and how we can overcome it.
If you have questions about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, please reach out to Lynne Middleton, Interim State Curriculum Specialist.