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Motion Commotion: 2015 National Youth Science Day Experiment

The 2015 National Youth Science Day experiment, Motion Commotion, empowers youth to explore the physics of motion and distracted driving. Developed by Oregon State University Cooperative Extension, this exciting activity will combine a speeding car collision and a distracted driving demonstration in a simulated activity that investigates the physical and human factors of motion.
The two-part experiment will test young people's knowledge of science, speed and safety by:
* Constructing a simulated runway to analyze the speed, momentum and kinetic energy of a car in motion, and will explore the science behind the car’s collisions
* Leading an experiment that uses the same physics principles to demonstrate the consequences of distracted driving
The kit is now available for an introductory price of $19.95. On June 2, normal pre-sale begins, with kits available at $21.95. Motion Commotion kits will ship to customers in Mid-July, at which point kits will be available at their standard price of $23.95.
Go to for more information.
Daniel Sarver
Extension Specialist
4-H/Ag Leadership, Education and Communications