Tennessee’s 4-H Camp Education Centers

Tennessee 4-H has a variety of camping options. Please contact your county Extension office to sign up for 4-H Camp. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Tennessee 4-H operates four 4-H Centers located throughout the state. The 4-H Centers offer a wide variety of camps — an extensive summer camping program for young people in fourth through twelfth grades and camping programs during the school year to accommodate school groups. There are also special camps that take place throughout the year.

So, if your thing is kayaking, swimming, electricity, wildlife, archery, fishing, hiking, ecology, photography, crafts, canoeing, talent shows, drama, soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, low ropes, cookouts, making new friends, hanging out with old friends, or whatever (whew!) – There’s something just for you at 4-H Camp!!

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About the 4-H Centers

The Tennessee 4-H Centers make every effort to ensure that your child has a safe and rewarding camp experience. The county 4-H agents, adult and teen volunteer leaders, and permanent camp staff encourage all participants to experience new adventures and make new friends.

Camp facilities are regularly inspected and meet Health Department guidelines. The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture safety officer evaluates camp facilities to keep them free of hazards. Three 4-H Centers are accredited according to the strict guidelines of the American Camp Association. The newly acquired Lone Oaks Farm will also be going through the accreditation process.

As accredited facilities, there are first-aid stations located on the campgrounds, and local hospitals provide care in case of an emergency. Medications are kept in a safe location and monitored by adults; however, it is the responsibility of the parents to notify county 4-H agents of any medical conditions which may apply to their child. Professional and summer staff receive training in first-aid, safety procedures, and program areas. There are two leaders for every sixteen children, including county agents and Center staff. Lifeguards are on duty at the pools.

Campers should attend and participate in activities as scheduled. The camp schedules provide a variety of classes with something for everyone. Each Center offers a slightly different program, which provides greater flexibility. Below is a brief description of each 4-H Center and the facilities and activities offered.

The W.P. Ridley 4-H Center is a modern camp facility that is accredited according to the strict guidelines of the American Camp Association. The 4-H Center has a beautifully landscaped 49-acre campus conveniently located just 45 miles south of Nashville near historical downtown Columbia, Tennessee.

Campers and leaders are housed in ten, newly renovated, contemporary-style cabins that provide a comfortable stay for 400 guests. The 20,000 sq.ft. dining and recreation hall facilities offer ample space for a multitude of activities. Home-cooked, nutritious meals are served cafeteria-style in the cool comfort of a 425-seat dining hall and campers may always return for “seconds” at every meal. The recreation hall, attached to the dining facility, is a large covered, open-air pavilion with a stage. The recreation hall can be used for numerous activities: 4-square, ping pong, corn hole, large gatherings, dancing, etc. 

Campers may enjoy an Olympic-sized pool with a long, winding water slide, ziplines, a lighted ball field, sand volleyball, basketball courts and a miniature putt-putt course. Other facilities include a wildlife center, covered rifle range, airbrush/crafts pavilion, a creek for aquatic exploration, archery range and a low ropes course.  

During the school year, the Ridley 4-H Center offers STEM education as a field trip opportunity. The hands-on, educational program is called, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.” Please visit the Ridley 4-H Center website for more information.

WP Ridley 4-H Camp
WP Ridley 4-H Camp

The Clyde M. York 4-H Center is located near Crossville, Tennessee, atop the scenic Cumberland Plateau.

The Center is a modern camp facility that is accredited according to the strict guidelines of the American Camp Association. The Center features an air-conditioned recreation hall and dining hall, and is known for the quality of its home-cooked meals. Eight air-conditioned cabins with up-to-date bath facilities sleep more than 500 persons and provide a restful atmosphere for campers. Accommodations for campers with disabilities are also available.

Campers can enjoy an Olympic-size pool with a 125-foot water slide. Two lakes allow campers to enjoy fishing and canoeing. Campers can also create projects at the woodworking center and craft house. Other facilities include a covered basketball court, sports fields, a wildlife center, an adventure challenge course, and a zip line.

The Center is located on 194 acres offering a variety of rustic scenery. The maintained grounds are fenced for security purposes. For more information about the Center, please visit the Clyde York 4-H Center website.

Clyde M York 4-H Camp
Clyde M York 4-H Camp

The Clyde Austin 4-H Center near Greeneville, Tennesse, is a modern camp facility that is accredited according to the strict guidelines of the American Camp Association. The Center is nestled in the beautiful hills of East Tennessee and has a panoramic view of the Smoky Mountains.

The sleeping quarters and dining hall complex were built in 1980. In the air-conditioned 400-seat dining hall, food is served cafeteria style from a sparkling stainless steel kitchen. Campers receive home-cooked meals and may return for “seconds.” The contemporary-style dormitories provide a restful atmosphere with clean bath facilities. Accommodations for campers with disabilities are available.

Campers can enjoy an Olympic-size, crystal clear pool, covered rifle range, a large recreation hall, ball fields, and basketball courts. Other facilities include a nature center; woodworking shop; airbrush center; an adventure challenge course; and a lake where they can fish or canoe.

The Clyde Austin 4-H Center also offers camps and special activities during the school year to accommodate school groups. For more information about the Center, please visit the Clyde Austin 4-H Center website.

Clyde M York 4-H Camp
Clyde Austin 4-H Camp

Lone Oaks Farm is a place where children can connect to the land, experience the outdoors, learn about science, and build life skills for a lifetime. Lone Oaks Farm hosts 4-H events of all kinds, including summer and specialty camps and day programs. They also offer field trip opportunities to schools and home-school groups. For more information about Lone Oaks Farm, please visit the Lone Oaks Farm website.

4-H Camp
4-H Camp

Personal Electronic Devices at the 4-H Centers 

Mobile phones are not to be brought by campers. If found, Extension agents will tell the youth to put the phone out of sight. A second offense will result in the youth being sent home. This is for the safety and security of the youth and everyone at the event. All phone communication between parent and child should be done through an Extension agent or Camp staff.

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