Companion Animals

The Companion Animal project teaches 4-H’ers about the selection and care of a companion animal; the maintenance and production of companion animals; the responsibilities of having a companion animal; the importance of keeping accurate records; and the importance of citizenship, sportsmanship, and cooperation.

Animals included in this project are cats, dogs, rabbits, or any other animal that may be considered a companion. Farm animals would not be included.

Create a project plan and record your project successes.

Information for Project Leaders

Leader Pages correspond with each activity sheet and are for use by project group leaders.

Additional Resources

Follow the links below to find some great online resources for your project. Surf around and see what you can learn!

Service Project Ideas

  • Gather items such as food, toys, and brushes for an animal shelter.
  • Help find homes for animals at a shelter.
  • Conduct an educational “show and tell” about your pet for younger children.
  • Volunteer to care for someone else’s pet.
  • Take your pet to a nursing home to visit with the patients. (Contact the nursing home first!)
  • Build a wire cage or nesting box for someone who wants to start the rabbit project.