The 4-H Photography project will help you learn how to use a camera to capture images on film. Explore flash techniques, lenses, shutter speeds, and more.

Create a project plan and record your project successes.

Information for Project Leaders

Leader pages correspond with each activity sheet and are for use by project group leaders.

Additional Resources

Follow the links below to find some great online resources for your project. Surf around and see what you can learn!

  • Volunteer to take photos of a family reunion, special event, or the community.
  • Volunteer to organize and label photos for your family.
  • Frame photos you’ve taken and give them as gifts.
  • Take photos of historical sites in your community for an exhibit or scrapbook.
  • Conduct a workshop to teach kids about photography.

Interested in participating in the State 4-H Photo Search Contest? Click here to learn more.