State 4-H Congress

Tennessee State 4-H Congress is composed of outstanding senior 4-H members, their volunteer leaders and Extension agents, brought together on a statewide basis for three days in the state capital. The Congress is organized in somewhat the same manner as our state legislature. Time is devoted to learning more about our state government and how each person may serve as a loyal citizen through 4-H.


The Tennessee 4-H Foundation, Inc. and the University of Tennessee Extension


  1. To recognize outstanding 4-H members and leaders from all Tennessee counties.
  2. To provide new opportunities for 4-H members and leaders to develop a better understanding of citizenship and see how it relates to daily living.
  3. To offer new and stimulating leadership experiences for 4-H’ers and leaders on a statewide basis.
  4. To provide the opportunity for 4-H members and leaders to learn how their state government functions.
  5. To encourage 4-H members and leaders to assume and continue leadership roles in their communities.
  6. To provide opportunities for 4-H members to develop a greater appreciation of the history and heritage of Tennessee.


  1. Two senators who are senior members in the 9th or 10th grade may attend from each county.
  2. Each county’s quota of representatives shall be determined as follows:
  3. The actual Congress attendance for the last four years of each county will be averaged and the average number is the quota for the county.
  4. Regional staff may determine if the quota needs to be adjusted.


  1. Congress Governor, Speaker of the Senate and Speaker of the House will be elected.
  2. All official congress delegates are eligible to seek an office provided they have been approved by the state 4-H office for membership in the Tennessee 4-H Honor Club at least one week prior to the opening of Congress.