Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation (State Finalists and Trip to National 4-H Congress); Ieula Lee Endowment Fund (Silver Bowls); and Albert Gore, Sr. Memorial Endowment Fund (Scholarship)


Records should document the information presented in the project profile (Section A). Include record forms which may have been developed to track project efforts; Tennessee 4-H Project Record Worksheet (F540); reports of studies, experiments, etc.; news articles written by the member which relate to the project; and other relevant items.


  1. County:
    1. Junior High: Counties may submit 7th grade and 8th grade records for regional judging (the number of records to be determined by the region).
    2. Senior: Counties may submit three Level I and three Level II portfolios for state competition. Twelve finalists (six Level I and six Level II) will receive scholarships to State 4-H Congress. Sweaters will be provided to those who have not attended 4-H Congress previously.
  2. State:
    1. Senior (Level II)
      State winner: Trip to National 4-H Congress, engraved silver bowl presented in memory of Ieula Lee and a $1,000 educational scholarship
    2. Senior (Level I)
      State winner: Tennessee 4-H Foundation Horizon Award, an opportunity for a college scholarship and an engraved silver bowl presented in memory of Ieula Lee