Vol State Recognition


To give deserved recognition to 4-H members and others on a statewide basis who have particularly outstanding records in project achievement, leadership and service in 4-H.


  1. Members must be an active 4-H member.
  2. Members must have been enrolled in the 11th or 12th school grade on January 1 of the current calendar year.
  3. Members must be an active 4-H All Star.
  4. Members must be in attendance at State 4-H Roundup.


  1. Each county may recommend two members. In addition to these two members, a county may recommend one member or each 100 or major fraction thereof senior 4-H members in the county and one member for each 10 or major fraction thereof active 4-H All Stars in the county.
  2. County UT/TSU Extension agents will indicate during the 4-H Roundup pre-registration all members who are recommended to receive the Vol State Award. $10 per nominee will be submitted to the regional office on the date announced by the regional staff.
  3. Once approved by the regional staff, the names are forwarded to the state 4-H office for final approval.