Dairy Judging


Tennessee Farmers Cooperative; Tennessee Holstein Association; Tennessee Jersey Cattle Club; West Tennessee State Fair; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Basse; and Mr. Howard Wilkerson.



  1. Luncheon for teams and coaches.
  2. The winning team will receive a trip to the national 4-H dairy judging event and lifetime membership in the Dairy Shrine.
  3. Second, third and fourth place teams are eligible to participate in other out-of-state 4-H dairy judging trips.
  4. Medallions to members of champion team. METHOD FOR BREAKING TIES:
    1. If tied for an award, the contestant or team having the highest reason score will be listed first.
    2. If still tied, the contestant or team scoring highest on a tiebreaker class will be listed first. The official judges at the beginning of the contest will designate the tiebreaker class(es).
    3. If still tied, for a team award, the team whose alternate’s score is highest shall be listed first.