State 4-H Junior High Academic Conference


Ezell/Purity Endowment; Greever Memorial Fund; Stanfill Memorial Fund; Tennessee Foundation, Inc.; Tennessee Farmers Cooperative; Tennessee Pork Producers Association; the University of Tennessee AgResearch; the University of Tennessee College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources; the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine; the University of Tennessee Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries; the University of Tennessee Extension; and the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture


  1. To recognize outstanding 4-H members and leaders.
  2. To provide academic training related to the participants’ 4-H project areas.
  3. To offer special opportunities for career exploration in agriculture and home economics.
  4. To meet other 4-H members with similar interests.
  5. To experience campus life and facilities at The University of Tennessee first hand.
  6. To become acquainted with university scientists and specialists.


  1. Any junior high member enrolled in 4-H projects relating to one of the following 12 interest areas is eligible to complete an application form to attend Academic Conference: beef, citizenship, companion animals (cat or dog), consumer education, dairy, dairy foods/food nutrition, dog, forestry, garden/home horticulture, horse, line and design, meat goat, poultry, sheep, swine, veterinary science or wildlife/fisheries.
  2. A total of ten delegates in each project will be selected to attend based on an application form available from the county Extension office. (Each of the three regions will select three delegates per interest area.The other delegate per interest area will be selected from the remaining applications and will be the one scoring highest on the application form.)
  3. One volunteer leader per region may attend. The leader is to be selected based on an application form.
  4. A member may attend this conference only one time in a particular project.
  5. Selected state 4-H council members and Extension personnel will attend to assist with the program.