State 4-H Roundup and All Star Conference


The University of Tennessee Extension and 4-H awards donors


  1. To become better acquainted with their state university and career opportunities The University of Tennessee offers.
  2. To become more familiar with new research-verified principles in agriculture, home economics and related fields.
  3. To help senior 4-H members receive due recognition for their outstanding project work and leadership accomplishments.
  4. To provide senior 4-H members satisfying civic and social experiences based on their needs and interests.


  1. State 4-H Roundup is for senior 4-H members, volunteer leaders and Extension agents.
  2. One week in July is set aside for this state meeting held on a University of Tennessee campus.
  3. Senior members shall qualify to attend. Roundup qualification will be based on either being a state project finalist or being a Tennessee 4-H All Star. All project finalists will receive a scholarship to defray most of the cost of attending 4-H Roundup.
  4. The state winner of the G. L. Herrington Agricultural Scholarship is eligible to attend Roundup on a scholarship.
  5. The current state winners in citizenship and leadership, all active 4-H All Stars and current 4-H members who have previously attended National 4-H Congress as project winners may attend Roundup at their own expense.
  6. Each county with one or more official delegates may register free at least one currently active adult volunteer leader. If the county has more than eight delegates attending, one leader may be registered free for each eight 4-H club members or major fraction thereof.
  7. State 4-H Roundup council members and State 4-H Committee of Volunteer Leaders may register free.
  8. Designated Extension personnel will attend and assist with Roundup.


  1. If a state finalist in a project is not able to attend Roundup, the highest ranking alternate will be awarded the scholarship and privilege of competing for the state award.
  2. 4-H records will count 75% and a project interview 25% for all Level II awards. Records will count 50% and a project interview using a visual will count 50% for all Level I awards. Project awards at Roundup are based on the total score received on record and interview.
  3. Members who participate in a project interview will be expected to describe the scope, progress and highlights of the project and to answer questions on subject matter covered in project manuals. Level I participants should use one visual when explaining the scope, highlights and progress of their project. (The visual may be a poster, chart, photograph or item the member has produced, constructed or made as part of the project. A series of photographs is acceptable if mounted on a poster. The visual should be small enough to be displayed on top of a table.)