Tennessee 4-H Dairy Endowment – Roundup scholarships, trip to National 4-H Congress and trips to National Dairy Conference
Julie Ozburn Giles – Horizon Award (in memory of John Albright and Billy Ozburn)
April Parker Parrott – Silver bowl
Tennessee 4-H Foundation – College scholarship


12 Roundup Scholarships
Level I – Horizon Award and opportunity for $500 college scholarship
Level II – Silver bowl and one trip to National 4-H Congress

Additional Awards

Level II state winner will receive a $500 college scholarship.
The three top scoring individuals who do not win the trip to National 4-H Congress and who have not attended National 4-H Dairy Conference will receive trips to National 4-H Dairy Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.
* The dairy program area is a part of the Animal Science project.