Tennessee 4-H Project Awards Program


Scholarships to 4-H Roundup for six Level I and six Level II state finalists will be provided for each of the project areas listed below.

  1. Beef 1
  2. Clothing and Textiles
  3. Communication/Public Speaking
  4. Companion Animals
  5. Computers and Technology
  6. Consumer Education/Economics
  7. Dairy 1
  8. Electric
  9. Engineering/Safety Science
  10. Entomology/Beekeeping
  11. Food Science
  12. Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries
  13. Horse 1
  14. Horticulture/Garden
  15. Line and Design
  16. Meat Goat 1
  17. Nutrition, Health and Fitness
  18. Performing Arts/Recreation
  19. Personal Development 2
  20. Photography
  21. Plant Science
  22. Poultry 1
  23. Sheep 1
  24. Swine 1
  25. Veterinary Science

More information on the Roundup Awards Program.


Six Level I and six Level II finalists in citizenship and leadership2 will receive scholarships to attend State 4-H Congress.

Move information about the State 4-H Congress awards programs.

  1. The beef, horse, meat goat, poultry, sheep, and swine program areas are all part of the animal science project.
  2. The leadership and personal development program areas are part of the leadership/personal development project.