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The Photo Search Contest is a great activity for youth to share and show their skills they have learned in photography. Each county will have their own deadline for the County Photo Search Contest. The County Agent will send their top ten photos from their county contest to the state office. The state office deadline for the 2022 contest is Friday, June 10, 2022. All components of an entry must be in the state office by the due date. Be sure to check with your county office for their deadline. Questions? Contact Shelby Brawner.

  1. The County Extension Agent is responsible for selecting and submitting up to ten entries for state judging.
  2. 4-H members are to submit their entry by the county due date. Check with your local UT Extension office for the county due date.
  3. The ten winning entries will be displayed at State 4-H Roundup. 8” x 10” or 11″ x 14″ prints will be made of the winning entries. In addition, the photos will be posted on the website for approximately one year.
  4. Entry forms are located here. This form contains an optional clause that would give UT Extension the right to use pictures in publications, printing, publicity opportunities, etc.
  1. Any junior high (6th – 8th) or senior high (9th – 12th) 4-H member may submit entries. The member submitting the entry must have taken the photo(s) themselves.
  2. Each entry should consist of:
    1. One completed entry form per photo entry.
    1. An electronic JPEG file for each photo sent to your county 4-H agent’s email. Check with your county agent for the email address for you to send the JPEG file(s).
      • Your JPEG file should be titled with the region initials, county name, and your name followed by a number. Numbers should follow a sequential order.
      • Title example: Kimberly Ann Smith from Jefferson County in the Eastern Region is submitting three photos. Here JPEG file titles would be:
        • ER Jefferson KAS 1
        • ER Jefferson KAS 2
        • ER Jefferson KAS 3
  3. Entries will be submitted by county agents via an online link. (Note: This is the first year no printed photo and entry form will be required. ALL entry information will be digital.)
  4. Photos should relate to 4-H involvement.
  5. Entries may be a single photo or a series of photos (no more than 4 photos in a series). A series can be a before and after or how-to sequence.
  6. Entries will be judged on quality and message. The photo might depict:
    • 4-H project work
    • 4-H exhibits, shows, fairs, etc.
    • Leisure education, camp, etc.
    • Human interest and other

  • The scoresheet that will be used for judging the Photo Search Contest can be found here.

The top ten photo winners will receive a rosette, and new for the 2022 Photo Search Contest, 4-H members will receive a $25 check.