4-H Poster Contests

Judging Procedures

There are two types of poster contests that 4-H’ers can participate in: (1) Regular Poster Contest or (2) Digital Marketing Poster Contest. An overview and rules of the contests can be found in the tabs below.

  1. Your poster must promote 4-H and include the 4-H emblem. When using the 4-H emblem on a poster, follow criteria specified by the national guidelines regarding use of the 4-H emblem.
    1. Do not place text or other images over or on top of the 4-H emblem.
    2. No photo, drawing, symbol, word, or other figure or object may be placed on or obscure the 4-H emblem.
    3. The official colors should not be altered.
    4. The clover stem should turn to the right only.
    5. The clover should not be slanted.
    6. For more information on the proper use of the 4-H name and emblem, visit the National 4-H Website.
  2. Name, address, county, age, grade, and email address of the 4-H member should be included with submission.
  3. Design must be original.
  4. Well known cartoon figures cannot be used because they are copyrighted such as Marvel superheroes, Disney characters, Lego characters, etc.
  5. The same scorecard will be used for both the Digital and Regular Poster Contest.
  6. The awards include a rosette and a $25 cash award to the top ten entries in each division.
  7. A 4-H member may submit one entry to the Digital and one entry to the Regular Poster Contest.
  1. Digital posters should be submitted to the County Extension Office. Check with your county office for deadlines.
  2. Each regional office may submit 15 digital posters in the state digital poster contest.
  3. Must be submitted in a PDF or PNG format.
  4. Entries should be clear (not be blurry, grainy, or pixeled).
    • (In most cases, 640 x 480 pixels should provide a clear image.)
    • Tip: If using a computer program such as Microsoft Publisher, when you save your image as a PNG in the dialogue box, there is a “resolution” box and you can change it from “standard printing” to “high quality or commercial.”
  5. Examples of programs that could be used for designing your digital poster include, but are not limited to:
    1. Microsoft PowerPoint
    2. Microsoft Publisher
    3. Adobe Illustrator
    4. Adobe InDesign
    5. Canva
  6. Digital posters should be in the landscape (or horizontal) format.
  7. Digital posters are not photographs of a regular poster but rather computer graphics / design created on the computer.
  1. Regular posters should be submitted to the County Extension Office. Check with your county office for deadlines.
  2. Each regional office may submit 15 regular posters in the state poster contest.
  3. Posters must be horizontal and measure 14 x 22 inches.


State: Rosette and a $25 cash award to the top ten entries


University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) Retirees Association

2021 Regional and State Winners – Regular Posters

2021 Regional and State Winners – Digital Posters

  • Gracie Blankenship, Cumberland County
  • Finnley Shaver, Cumberland County*
  • Emma Grace Meadows, Greene County
  • Lila Bettis, Hamilton County
  • Hannah Carter, Hamilton County
  • Sophie Cook, Hamilton County*
  • Lacy Collier, Hawkins County
  • Blake Cope, Hawkins County
  • Jim Jenkins, Hawkins County
  • Layton Bullard, Loudon County
  • Matthew Huff, Loudon County
  • Madison Ridge, Sevier County
  • Raelyn Whaley, Sevier County
  • Suzanne Amos, Sullivan County
  • Kendall Moore, Washington County

* State Winner (click on the name to see the winning poster)

Questions about the poster contests? Contact Shelby Brawner.