Poultry Judging


Tennessee Department of Agriculture; Tennessee Poultry Association; and Tennessee Farmers Cooperative



  1. Dinner for teams and coaches.
  2. Partial funds for trip to national 4-H poultry judging event for first place team.
  3. Plaque to champion team and high scoring individual for production and market products.
  4. Medallions for members of the champion team. METHODS FOR BREAKING TIES:
    1. If tied for an award, the contestant or team having the highest reason score will be listed first.
    2. If still tied, the contestant or team scoring highest on a tiebreaker class will be listed first. The official judges at the beginning of the contest will designate the tiebreaker class(es).
    3. If still tied for a team award, the team whose alternate’s score is highest shall be listed first.