The 4-H Nutrition, Health, and Fitness project will help you learn about healthy lifestyle behaviors, such as physical activity and healthy eating, food preparation, and personal health. If you have already signed up for this 4-H project, come on in and get started.

Create a project plan and record your project successes.

Additional Resources

Follow the links below to find some great online resources for your project. Surf around and see what you can learn!

Service Project Ideas

  • Conduct an educational lesson about the Food Guide Pyramid.
  • Prepare healthy snack packs and deliver them to a local nursing home. (Remember to check with the nursing home staff first!)
  • Put together personal care kits for homeless people (use soap, toothbrushes, and other toiletry items).
  • Assist TNCEP (Tennessee Nutrition Consumer Education Program) agents with an educational program or with assembling lesson plans and materials.
  • Make nutrition posters to hang in the school cafeteria.
  • Teach a workshop on healthy snacks at an after-school daycare.