18 Year Old Housing for Judging Teams and Small Groups

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Richard Clark, Assistant Dean

Often judging teams travel to contests or small groups of 4-H members travel overnight to an event. Due to the excessive cost of housing 18 yr old members separately in hotel rooms, we have received permission from risk management and legal counsel to room 18 yr old members with younger, same gender mem- bers with written parental permission from both the 18 yr old’s parents and the younger 4-H member’s parents. Please see the note below from Human Resources:

I have reviewed this situation with our legal staff and we concur, that in situations such as these we can treat 18 year olds who are still in High School as minors.That is we would allow them to room with other minors with parental permission.   However, this does not change their legal status for other matters. In these cases, letters from all parents should be obtained and kept as a part of the trip file.