Issue 8

The 4-H Record Book …… I mean 4-H Portfolio

As we approach 4-H Congress, the 4-H Portfolios for Citizenship and Leadership have been judged. This year marked a major change in the presentation of the 4-Her’s project record. The electronic webpage to present the project accomplishments is quite a contrast to the old 4-H Record Book that I remember.

Cookin’ for Healthier Livin’ Y’all Recipe Contest

Cookin’ for Healthier Livin’ Y’all – Recipe Contest

A Tennessee 4-H Cookbook

Do you have great healthy recipes or want to create a healthy recipe? How about sharing those with others for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card? Your recipes will be judged by Tennessee 4-H state Office staff and FCS staff so we can compile healthy and nutritious recipes for 4-H’ers and agents into a free, PDF cookbook.