2017-2018 Walmart Nutrition Education Grant Recipients

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Congratulations to the following counties for being selected to receive the Wal-Mart Nutrition Education grant for the 2017-2018 program year. This program focuses on developing and enhancing healthy living programs. The goal is to mobile youth to implement action plans for nutrition, physical fitness, and safety. In addition, this program utilizes teens as teachers so they can plan and manage programs and build life skills. The hopes are that youth improve their dietary choices, increase physical activity, build an appreciation for healthy foods, and encourage families to eat at least one meal together per day. Once again, congratulations to these recipients.

  • Bledsoe – Matt McCuiston
  • Bradley – Lynne Middleton
  • Carter – Emily Barton
  • Clyde Austin 4-H Center – Greg Fay
  • Clyde York 4-H Center – Lacy Harnage
  • Hamilton – Nancy Rucker
  • Lauderdale – Mary Stiles
  • Madison – Kane Reeves
  • McNairy – Julie Harstin
  • Obion – Melissa Schenck
  • Perry – Stacy Clark
  • Polk – Kelley Frady & Donna Calhoun
  • Robertson – Kathy Finley
  • Tipton – Brigitte Passman
  • WP Ridley 4-H Center – Terri Quillin