2018 Honor Club Summary

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Justin Crowe, Extension Specialist

Congratulations are in order for all 4-H agents, volunteers and teen leaders who encouraged 4-H’ers to apply for Honor Club member ship this year. A total of 499 4-H’ers were initiated into the Honor Club during the 2018 calendar year.

Madison County initiated the most Honor Club members for the second year in a row with 84 qualifying for membership. Other counties in the top five included Bradley County with 43; Crockett County with 21; Moore County with 17; and Houston County with 16.

The Western Region was the top region with 194 initiates, followed by the Eastern Region with 157 and the Central Region with 148. Additional data on Honor Club membership may be found on the 4-H website.

Remember Honor Club is a recognition program. Honor Club recognizes members for participation in educational opportunities; membership does not involve winning any kind of competition. Members receive points on the application form just for participating. Any 4-H’ers meeting the minimum number of points can achieve Honor Club recognition. An active Honor Club is an indication of a quality teen program.

4-H Honor Club

Why not invite your outstanding 4-H members to an application party in 2019 hosted by your Honor Club members! Don’t delay. Start your 4-H members working on their Honor Club applications today! We awaiting your applications for 2019.