2021 4-H Scholarships

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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

Several of you have inquired as to how to submit your 4-H’ers’ scholarship applications that are due in the next few weeks. Scholarship applications are still due March 1, 2021. Steve Sutton took responsibility for the payout of scholarships last fall. He will continue to administer the scholarship payments through the spring of 2021. Lori Gallimore is giving leadership to the scholarship application process for 2021. Scholarship payments will be transitioned to Lori Gallimore beginning this fall.

The application is online at 4hscholarship.tennessee.edu.  There is a worksheet located on this website for your 4-H members to use to gather their information.  Once completed, the worksheet can be copied and pasted into the online application. 

Contact Lori Gallimore for more information.