4-H Foundation Endowments Payouts Posted

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Ryan Hensley, Executive Director, TN 4-H Foundation

The Tennessee 4-H Foundation had posted the 4th quarter payouts to the associated expense accounts as of January 23, 2017. You can check the balance of your accounts at any time by visiting the Tennessee 4-H Foundation website, and selecting “Resources” link in the in the top navigation. Then select “Account Balances” and login with your UT Net ID and pass- word. Not only can you learn the balance of your accounts on this site but you can also see how much income was generated by your endowment for the last quarter. Remember there is an Endowment Reinvestment Form, that is to be used if you want endowment earnings to be reinvested. All 4-H Foundation forms can be found by visiting the Tennessee 4-H Foundation website. Select the “Resources” tab and click “Forms” from the drop down menu.

If you have any questions or would like more information about your 4-H Foundation accounts please email the 4-H Foundation.

Tennessee 4-H Foundation