4-H Works! 

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Dr. Richard Clark

Endless hours are spent working with 4-H members by both staff and volunteers. We often wonder at the end of an especially grueling day … is it really worth it? All it takes to answer with a resounding yes is to have the experience below.

Sra Jalin Curry, former Madison County 4-H’er, came by to visit Kane Reeves and Sharon Tubbs. He just received a promotion going up against 200 others at the Hurlburt Air Force Base in Ft. Walton, Florida. He said that the process was just like doing a 4-H portfolio and interview. Jalin is a former state Consumer Education winner. Because of that experience, he was prepared and not at all nervous. Proud to see our former 4-H’ers succeeding in their chosen career paths. He plans to go to junior camp this summer as a leader.