Are You Assigned to Judge Project Portfolios? 

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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

I judged scholarships. So, I don’t have to judge portfolios … RIGHT?
Wrong! Sometimes we get this confused, so let me help you out! IF you judged 4-H scholarships for Carmen, you ARE ALSO ASSIGNED to judge 4-H Project Portfolios! This state assignment covers both scholarship and portfolios. Check with your regional office regarding state assignments if you have questions or concerns.

Are the portfolios ready to judge?
No! Judging does not begin until May 9. Typically, portfolios are due earlier in the month, but be- cause of the conflict with TAE4-HW annual conference dates (May 1-3), we are delayed this year. Yay for you! You have an extra week to get those portfolios ready!

What am I assigned to judge?
I don’t know yet. Judging assignments are made to ensure that you do not judge any portfolio from your county and region (if and when possible). Assignments are made at the last minute and after SUPER registration closes. You will be emailed with the detail information on the morning of May 9.

Are we judging the same way as we did last year?
No! Portfolios are web-based this year. You will be given access to the URL addresses and pass- words of the portfolios to which you are assigned to judge – and only these portfolios. We will be using Question Pro/Qualtrics to judge the portfolios this year. We have just completed piloting this system and are making final changes. The system is designed to take you step-by-step through the judging process to ensure that we look at both quality and quantity efforts. You will be given specific instructions and a short training on how to do this via email. OR … and even better … you could attend my training session – “Question Pro: “ at the upcoming TAE4-HW conference and get a head start!