Being Flexible Means So Much More Today

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Justin Crowe, 4-H Youth Development Director and State Leader

One of the words I keep hearing as it relates to 2020 is flexibility:

  • Schools are being flexible as they are considering fall schedules.
  • Businesses are being flexible when it comes to modes of operation, hours and remote working.
  • Parents are being flexible when it comes to how they educate their children, activities they do as a family and where they go outside their home.
Being Flexible

Of course, 4-H is also being flexible!

We have adjusted programs and delivery modes, changed practices within our county offices, and worked out other events and activities to make sure we give our 4-H members as many options as possible.

A little over 6 weeks into this role, I feel sort of like Gumby (for those of you old enough to remember him). We are all being flexible and making sure we can mold our programs into what best serves the needs of our youth.

Thank you to our friends across the state who understand that we are doing the best we can to support the young people of our state.

At the end of the day, we are all in it for our 4-H members!

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