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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

Academic UN-Conference Class Assignments and BINGO Card Due June 30

The 2020 Tennessee 4-H Junior High Academic UN-Conference ended the week of June 12 with over 370 4-H members from across the state participating. This first-ever, virtual event featured over 150 online activities, along with virtual, classroom instruction and demonstrations with UTIA subject-matter specialists in 16 project areas.

In addition to academic work, 4-H’ers were given an opportunity to complete a BINGO card and compete for prizes. There are various prize levels based on the number of BINGO squares completed. The BINGO card featured both elements from their class work and additional 4-H project work – such as completing an Honor Club form, service learning project, giving a demonstration of something they learned and starting an e-portfolio.

4-H’ers who complete ALL of the squares on their BINGO card OR one row of up and down, across or diagonal and ALL of the red squares will have their names entered into a drawing for one of five grand prizes – Apple Air Pods.

They have until June 30 to complete their assignments and submit the BINGO card. These will need to uploaded into Google Classroom by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 30 in order to be eligible for prizes. We are posting this reminder in each Google Classroom and hoping that you can help spread the reminder to the participants from your county.

If you have questions, please let me know!

4-H Academic UN-Conference Wildlife and Fisheries Project - Bingo






Attended Animal Characteristics Session

Completed Leadership Project

Participated in Virtual Field Trip

Researched the Topic

Participated in Virtual Office Hours

Completed the “Classification of Animals” Activity

Attended “Animal Habitat” Session

Started or Completed a 4-H Honor Club Form

Shared Photos of Project on Social Media

Started an e-Portfolio

Gave a Demonstration

Completed the “Neighborhood Bats” Activity

Attended the Project Orientation Session

Went Outside and Took Pictures of Three Basic Groups of Animals

Selected an Animal and Described Its Common Habitat

Completed Career Exploration Investigation

Competed the End of Un-Conference Survey

Identified Three Species of Bats

Watched the Video on Neighborhood Bats

Completed the “Calculate the Value of a Bat” Activity”

Met or Interviewed an Expert in the Field

Created a Video of Your Conference Experience

Recorded the Physical & Biological Requirements of Bats in my area

Completed Citizenship / Service Learning Project

Attended “Role of Species Diversity” Session