Certify Swine Exhibitors for Youth Pork Quality Assurance Programs…Continued

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Claudia Baney, Extension Specialist

When youth reach the next age level or exceed the certification period of three years, they can either attend a Youth PQA Plus training class or take the appropriate examination at their new age level. Certification by examination is valid for a mini- mum of one year. but will not exceed three years. If you have any questions about your exhibitors’ certification, just contact Dr. Dwight Loveday.

For the agents/ag teachers that would like to certify as an YPQA Plus Advisor, please send Dr. Loveday your name, address, phone, email and date of birth. At that time he will submit the information to the National Pork Board and they will enter your name in the database and provide you the instructions for completing training for certification. After completing the training and examination, you will be qualified to teach, certify (enter youth information) and print certification certificates for the youth you certified. Your certification is good for three years.

If you have any questions, please contact Dwight Loveday or 865-974-7344).