Clay County Highlight

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By Wendy Key and Cora Key

Clay County Wins National Livestock Judging

Clay County participated in Arizona’s National Livestock Judging Contest on Friday, December 30. The team placed first in the nation!!

Gavin Giffey was the High Individual, Kendal Hamilton was seventh overall, and Eli Rich was the High Individual in Reasons. The team was coached by Cora Key, Clay County Extension agent.

On the way to Arizona, the group made several stops to practice. The first stop was to the Ellis Club lambs and Bartholomew Durocs.for lamb and hog practice. Next, they visited the Oklahoma National Stockyards to practice with UT Knoxville Livestock Judging team and Oklahoma FFA.  From there, they stopped at Barber Ranch in Channing, Texas to practice with their high-quality Hereford cattle. The final stop to practice was at Dowell Show Lambs in New Mexico, where the group participated in a ewe class. The group visited the Four Corners monuments and the Grand Canyon on the trip.

Congratulations to Gavin Giffey, Kendal Hamilton, Eli Rich, and coach Cora Key of Clay County!