Clothing & Textiles/Line & Design News

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Dr. Sue Byrd, Adjunct Instructor

The Tennessee 4-H Line & Design and Clothing & Textiles Committee is a newly organized group consisting of 4-H Agents, Volunteer Leaders, 4-H’ers, Adults and Retired Agents that are working toward the promotion and long-term sustaining of the projects by:

  1. Creating social platforms for 4-Hers to share ideas and completed project activities. Encourage your 4-H’ers to visit & participate in the following social media groups:
  2. Increasing funding for project needs for state competitions and events in the 2 project.
  3. Developing additional opportunities for 4-Hers to showcase their work and become involved in the projects.
  4. Developing additional curriculum activities/lessons based on outcomes- beginners (Level 1) for Clothing and Textiles now available online, for Line and Design completed and soon to be available, intermediate levels (Level 2) to be completed this summer.
  5. The Committee has concluded that a name change of Line and Design Project is needed to better reflect the project as a whole. The new name will be Creative Arts and Design. This change will be ongoing as we work to adjust all areas where the name Line & Design is used.
  6. Next week Dr Byrd will share more information about both project areas: Clothing & Tex- tiles and Creative Arts & Design.