College Scholarship Applications Due March 2, 2020

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Dwight Loveday, Interim Director and Statewide 4-H Program Leader

Reminder: 4-H College Scholarship Applications Due at state level March 2*

The online 4-H College Scholarship Program will be used again this year to submit scholarship applications. This program is very easy to use and each section has brief instructions to follow.

A summary of college scholarships can be found on the web site

Note that not all of the scholarships require youth to major in agriculture or attend UTK. Some scholarships are also available to youth who have already completed one year of college. In addition to the summary chart, there are other resources available on the web page to facilitate the process of completing the application. Make sure you read those resources before you start working on the application. Among the resources is a User Guide for the application process and a worksheet.

The link to the application program can be found on the UT Extension Institute of Agriculture website.

The online process requires an electronic approval from the county agent before the applicant submits the final application to the state 4-H office. This feature is to allow the agent to review and give feedback on the content of the application. The applicant can then review and update the information on the application before submitting the document to the state 4-H office.

Applications are due on the date announced by the county Extension agent and must be submitted to the state office no later than March 2*. After March 2, the program locks and applications will not be accepted.

Listing of 4-H College Scholarships:

  • African-American Scholarship – $300
  • Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Scholarship (AGR) – $500
  • Alan Peace Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
  • Arthur Wells Memorial Scholarship – $500
  • Carol Marrero Memorial Scholarship – $250
  • Charline H. Powell Scholarship – $1000
  • Earl Knepp Agricultural Scholarship – $500
  • FarmHouse Agricultural Scholarship – $500
  • Gilbert N. Rhodes Agricultural Scholarship – $1,000
  • G.L. Herrington Agricultural Scholarship – $1000
  • Harold Robbins Agricultural Scholarship – $500
  • Hamilton-Brown Scholarship – $500
  • James Robinson Scholarship – $1,000
  • Lovelace-McKinney Scholarship (renewable for 4 years) – $1500/ semester
  • Mary Basinger Elliott Memorial Scholarship – $1500
  • Mary Stanfill Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship – $200
  • Mary Stanfill Memorial Scholarship – $1000
  • Richard Shadden Memorial Scholarship – $250
  • Stephen McNeil Memorial Scholarship – $500
  • TEAFCS Scholarship – $500
  • TFGA Mary B. Cooper Scholarship – $500
  • Tennessee Farm Bureau Health Plans Nursing Scholarship – $1250
  • Tennessee Pork Producers Association Scholarship – $500
  • Troy & Susie Johnson Memorial Scholarship – $500
  • UTK Collegiate 4-H Scholarship – $250.00
  • W.B. & Imogene Kyker Agricultural Scholarship – $250

If you have questions, please contact the state 4-H office.