Congratulations 4-H Team

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Dwight Loveday, Interim Assistant Dean & Department Head

The last couple of days at TAE4-HW Conference we have had the opportunity to learn, share information, network with co-workers and have some fun and fellowship. It is exciting to be around 4-H professionals that exhibit the passion to do outstanding 4-H work. At the recognition banquet, we heard from Mr. Luke Willoughby, former 4-Her from DeKalb Co. Currently a lawyer in Nashville, Luke shared how 4-H has impacted his life. Listening to Luke, there is no doubt that 4-H agents have a tremendous influence on the lives of young people.

Speaking of good work, several 4-H professionals were recognized for doing outstanding 4-H work. We congratulate these award winners:

  • George Foster Outstanding Agent Award
    • Emily Barton – Carter Co.
    • Destiny Brown – Meigs Co.
    • Morgan Beaty – Wilson Co.
    • Erin Thomasson – Grundy Co.
    • Shelby Brawner – State 4-H
    • Brigitte Passman – Tipton Co.
  • Achievement in Service
    • Jennifer Richards – State 4-H
    • Rob Augustin – Giles Co.
    • Loren Stafford – Henderson Co.
    • Thomas Greenlee –Rhea Co.
  • Meritorious Service Award
  • Justin Crowe – State 4-H
  • Ben T. Powell Distinguished Service
    • Mary Beth Antunes – Williamson Co.
    • Leigh Fuson – DeKalb Co.
    • Matt Adams – Lawrence Co.
    • Ryan Hensley – State 4-H
  • 25 Years of Service
    • Martin Koon – Central Region
    • Nancy Rucker – Hamilton Co.
    • Daniel Sarver – State 4-H
  • American Spirit Award
    • Tonya Bain – Crockett Co.