Current Grant Projects: Cannon County [Walmart Youth Choice: Youth Voice] 

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Shelby Brawner, Extension Assistant/Grant Manager

Local schools have encouraged afternoon walking clubs.The students are now equipped with water bowls and have learned about smart snacking. In addition, they have learned the importance of staying hydrated while walking when it’s hot out.The students walk around 2:30-3:00 p.m. so it can be pretty warm.They have learned about smart snacks such as fruits that can be a good source of energy and easy to grab before or after a walk.

For more information or questions, contact Shelby Brawner.

Current Grant Projects: Cannon County [Walmart Youth Choice: Youth Voice]  - Snack List - apples & yogurt dip, popcorn, trail mix, celery & peanut butter, string cheese, carrots & ranch dip, chips & salsa, granola, plain yogurt & jam, saltine crackers & cream cheese, applesauce, rice crackers, smoothie, pretzels, apple chips, grape tomatoes, yogurt parfait, gogurt, frest fruit or berries, taut & peanut butter, fresh vegetables, fruit leather, handful of nuts, fruit salad, dried fruit, seasoned oyster crackers, cheese & crackers, cottage cheese, pita chips & hummus, fruit popsicles

Snack List:

  1. Apples & yogurt dip
  2. Trail mix
  3. Popcorn
  4. Celery & peanut butter
  5. String cheese
  6. Carrots & ranch dip
  7. Dips & salsa
  8. Granola
  9. Plain yogurt & jam
  10. Saltine crackers & cream cheese
  11. Applesauce
  12. Rice crackers
  13. Pretzels
  14. Smoothie
  15. Grape Tomatoes
  1. Apple Chips
  2. Yogurt parfait
  3. Gogurt
  4. Fresh fruit or berries
  5. Taut & Peanut butter
  6. Fresh vegetables
  7. Fruit leather
  8. Dried fruit
  9. Fruit Salad
  10. Handful of nuts
  11. Seasoned oyster crackers
  12. Cheese & crackers
  13. Cottage cheese
  14. Pita chips & hummus
  15. Fruit Popsicle