Current Grant Projects: Crockett County [Health Rocks!]

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Shelby Brawner, Extension Assistant/Grant Manager

Tonya Bain, Crockett County Extension Agent

One of the most successful events in our program is the 4-H Health Rocks Bash conducted at the local middle school. Multiple stations are set up in the gym, and the students (6th-8th grade) rotate to each station.

This year, I added some new stations, including “Make Your Own Spit.” Although it sounds gross, it was a great visual for showing youth what is found in chewing tobacco and the dangers it can cause. I also use drunk goggles and the Wii (Mario Kart) to demonstrate how senses are altered under the influence of alcohol.

This year, I also created several “puzzles” for the students to solve. After reading clues, students had to find the answers in either a word search, a jig-saw puzzle or a crossword puzzle. Both students and teachers commented on how much fun the day was!

Current Grant Projects: Crockett County [Health Rocks!]