Current Grant Projects: Morgan County [Health Rocks!] 

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Shelby Brawner, Extension Assistant/Grant Manager


Amanda Bates Cloutier, Extension Agent

Sometimes plans do not go as originally thought out, but we in Morgan County are so excited about the benefits of the HealthRocks! program that we are working on a new plan to establish the HealthRocks! curriculum into our Summer Day Camps. We will be hosting two 3-day camps where the kids will have the opportunity to participate in hands on learning activities such as “Take a deep breath” where they personally get to experience how smoking affects lung capacity by breathing through a coffee stirrer with their nose pinched. They will also get to see what dip can do to your teeth by the visual “dip mouth.” However, most importantly we will break the myth that “everyone is doing it,” and empower/educate the youth to make responsible decisions. We will end with a demonstration session where they will have the opportunity to share what they learned with the other students, as well as, with the parents/family.

Dip Mouth Visual Aid
Dip mouth visual aid