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Shelby Brawner, Extension Assistant/Grant Manager

Shelly Ray, Lewis County Extension Agent

Fitness Night was an event with students in an after-school program and their families. There were four different stations that were set up where parents and students were able to rotate through each one.The first station allowed students and their parents to read labels on drinks and measure the amount of sugar in each of them. Station two had the students and their parents to review common fast food menus and measure the fat (using Crisco) out onto a hamburger bun that corresponded with the food on the card.The third station had the students and their parents observe a cooking demonstration where a 4-H teen leader showed how to cook a healthy, apple cinnamon wrap and roll. Station four allowed the students and their parents to taste the apple cinnamon wrap and roll.The final station provided each family with all of the ingredients to make the apple cinnamon wrap and roll at home. In addition, students were able to visit the other stations related to physical activity where they were able to hula hoop, jump rope, and use a bike to break a sweat. At the end, there was a drawing for a griddle for a family to take home (this is what was used to cook the apple cinnamon wrap and roll).