Curriculum Corner: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Create

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Jennifer Richards, Assistant Professor

Before the holidays, we have been working our way through Bloom’s Taxonomy as a tool to improve instructional design. The final level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is CREATE. At this level, learners have progressed fully into higher level thinking skills and are prepared to design, build, and model things with the knowledge they have gained. Students can combine items in new ways or patterns and propose alternate solutions to problems.


Learner objectives for this level often include words such as build, propose, solve, and test. Below are some examples of learner outcomes written for this level.

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Design a project management model that can be used by yourself and others in multiple situations
  • Lead a group in a service learning experience, complete with debriefing activity
  • Estimate the total amount of feed consumed by a livestock herd based on herd health and other existing conditions.

Assessments for this level of Bloom’s could include redesigning of a livestock lot or creation of a sheet that contains pointers related to giving a speech or demonstration.

If you have questions regarding curriculum or lesson planning for the spring semester, please do not hesitate to contact James or I. We are always more than happy to help!

Create - Combining parts to make a new whole, Evaluate - Judging the value of information or ideas, Analyze - Breaking down information into component parts, Apply - Applying the facts, rules, concepts, and ideas, Understand - Understanding what the facts mean, Remember - Recognizing and recalling facts