Curriculum Corner: Link to Lesson Plan Template Inservice Recording

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Jennifer Richards, Assistant Professor

Link to Lesson Plan Template In-Service Recording

For those who couldn’t join the live in-service offered this week about the new Tennessee 4-H Youth Development Lesson Plan template, a recording has been made available for those who wish to learn about the template and reading state content standards.

Upcoming In-services:

The curriculum development team will be offering an in-person in-service at the end of April/beginning of May focusing on instructional design and lesson planning. Registration is on SUPER, and the links have been included below. Look in next week’s Curriculum Corner for an agenda for this in-service.

  • Western Region (WTREC, Room B) May 2, 2017
  • Central Region (Rutherford County – Community Building) May 1, 2017
  • Eastern Region (Eastern Region Office) April 25, 2017

New 4-H Lesson Plans:

The following lesson plans are awaiting publication by Marketing and Communications, but can be sent to you if you would like to use them in your clubs this school year.

Exploring 4-H— Adapted from the National Award Winning Exploring 4-H Curriculum

This lesson introduces students to the 4-H program. Students learn about opportunities available to them in the 4-H program including trips, project areas, and activities. 4-H members will gain an understanding of the land grant university system and how the 4-H program is run.

Hi, My Name is…
Authored by James Swart

This lesson allows students to learn how to effectively introduce someone else to a group. 4-H members will work in pairs to gather information about the other person, and then summarize the information they have collected and share that information with the group.

I Am
Authored by James Swart

In this lesson, students will establish a definition of self-esteem and understand that positive self-esteem is necessary for a healthy life. Students will then gain an understanding that they all possess certain qualities that make them a valuable part of their friend group, class, and community.

I am the boss of my feelings
Authored by James Swart

This lesson allows students to identify certain emotions they are feeling and share those in a supportive environment. Students will be able to express their emotions in a variety of ways and learn how to manage their feelings and emotions in a positive way.

Projects, Projects Everywhere!
Authored by James Swart

This lesson will introduce students to the 27 project areas in the Tennessee 4-H program. Students will research information about the projects within an area, and then share their information with the class.

Authored by James Swart

This lesson focuses on teaching students the importance of goal setting. Students will learn the components of a SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound) goal and then use their newly learned skills to create at least one SMART goal for their project work in 4-H. All of the lesson plans are aligned to 4th grade English/Language Arts standards, but can be easily adapted to other grades. If you would like any, or all of these lesson plans prior to their publication, please email James and he would be happy to send those to you!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer or James.