Curriculum Corner: Merchant and Traders Lesson Plan Available

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Jennifer Richards, Assistant Professor

In-service Opportunity:
The New Lesson Plan Template & Reading State Content Standards

Get introduced to the new lesson plan template, how it is organized, as well as a brief introduction to reading and understanding Tennessee state content standards. All this will be covered in just 1.5 hours via Zoom!

Tuesday, 4/4/17

12:30-2:00pm EST

Live via ZOOM

If you can’t attend live, a link to the recording will be provided in the following newsletter.

New Lesson Plan available: Published & Ready to Download!
Merchants and Traders
Authored by Danielle Pleasant

This lesson introduces the concepts of supply and demand as well as uses key terms from sixth-grade social studies. The lesson explores bartering from several different periods including Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman times. This reinforces the importance of commodities and currency used in ancient world history.

As always, if you have any questions related to curriculum, lesson plans, or project out- comes, please don’t hesitate to contact James or Jennifer. We are always happy to help!