Deviance – The Source of Innovation

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Dr. Richard Clark

When is the last time you had a deviant thought? Deviant….Different, Unique, Not the way we have always done it. History tells us that most change starts with deviant thoughts in the mind. Once those ideas are shared with a small group of trusted individuals you have a group operating on the edge of the organization or society. As your ideas are adopted by a group of trend-setters, the idea becomes cool. As it spreads to more people it becomes the next best thing and as it is broadly shared it becomes accepted as the standard. When was the last time you had a “deviant” 4-H idea? Have you shared it with a small group of colleagues? What are you waiting for? Your “deviant thought” is just waiting to be the Next Big Thing. Get Creative!

Deviance - The Source Of Innovation

Deviance – The Source of Innovation!

Social Convention – accepted social standard.

Next Big Thing – unthinkable becomes norm.

Realm of the Cool – broader following around trend-setters.

Edge – small following.

Fringe – in the mind.

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