Expeditionary Skills for Life 

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Dr. Richard Clark

A new educational resource is available from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and NASA. This is the beginning of a new set of materials which can be used in your county 4-H clubs.

“The first set of lessons plans from NIFA’s partnership with NASA has been released. The Embarking on Pilgrimages segment has an introductory video and 6 lesson plans all related to cultural competency. Another six lessons will be added later this month. Also be sure to click on the “contributors” link to see all the land-grant universities who have played a role in the development of these materials. The Expeditionary Skills for Life curriculum is designed to prepare youth for work and life by teaching the importance of both STEM skills and the life skills of cultural competency, self-care and team care, leadership and followership, and teamwork.” (NIFA, January 18, 2017)