Feature Friday: Jacinta Fritz, Tipton County [Walmart Youth Choice: Youth Voice]

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Jacinta has been a 4-Her since the 4th grade and has been active i Honor Club and All Stars. Jacinta has participated in Outdoor Meat Cookery, Consumer Decision Making, and the Line and Design Project Group. Qualities that make Jacinta an above average 4-Her is her enthusiasm for the organization, respectfulness, dependability, and team involvement. Currently, Jacinta serves as a teen leader for the Tipton county Family Fiesta program sponsored by the Healthy Habits grant. She is also the president of our Tipton County 4-H Home-school club. She always comes prepared for the programs, offers new ideas on the lesson, and applies her leadership skills to ensure all program participants are equally engaged with the program. Thank you, Jacinta for your dedication to 4-H!

Feature Friday - Jacinta Fritz
Feature Friday – Jacinta Fritz